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There are very few places on Earth that have not been touched by human hands, and no place that hasn’t felt the effects of human inhabitance. But there are places that for one reason or another are off-limits to most people. A special select few may be allowed, but you will certainly not be welcomed on your next vacation.Whether to protect indigenous nature, keep humans safe, or hide facts the government doesn’t want you to know, these forbidden destinations can only be viewed from a distance. Of course, there is nothing more alluring than the taboo, so you’re really going to want to go.Take our word for it, though, you’re better off reading this article than risking life, limb, and prosecution.Lets begin our journey to know about seven places which might be the most famous forbidden places on the planet.

1. Snake Island, Brazil

Golden lancehead snake; Place: Ilha da Queimada Granda, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Researchers are well aware of Snake Island, but no regular person is permitted to visit this little island some 93 miles from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Officially called Ilha da Queimada Granda, the place is home to an estimated 2,000-4,000 snakes. Not just any snakes, but golden lanceheads populate Snake Island.

Golden lancehead snakes are known for their shockingly potent poison, which disintegrates the flesh around their bites. Yikes! Best let the researchers take and share some pictures. This snake island is strictly prohibited for general people but if you are a researchers then you are most welcome.